Lone Star Wine Cellars

The Ross family moved from Scotland to Canada in the late 19th century and settled on a large horse farm near Alberta. As one of eight children, Percy Walter George Ross was the most enthusiastic and impulsively played with horses. In 1906, Percy escaped from Canada to the United States on his horse “Grey Ghost”. Although it was more likely that Percy was running away from trouble, the Ross family feared that Percy died in the Great Dayton Flood if he never returned home to Canada. A hundred years later, his secret was revealed when his ancestors learned the truth about the mischievous youth’s disappearance. Percy established himself as a prominent businessman in New York State and built Ross and Krowl’s, later known as Crystal Grill and Casino, into a successful family business. In essence, the sale of alcohol continued during Prohibition through the underground use of the grill. Talkative Many city officials were frequent guests, and it was there that Percy passed on the art of winemaking to his children. The struggles of this entrepreneurial leader may remain a mystery forever, but his passion for winemaking still runs in the family.

In 1985, Percy’s grandson, Ron, spent time in the beautiful Finger Lakes wine country learning the secrets of winemaking passed down from his father in the Crystal Grill basement. In 1996, Ron and Deanna bought a ranch along the Red River in the Texoma AVA (American Viticultural Area). Over the years, the Ross family has transformed the property into one of Texas’ most hidden treasures. This 340 acre ranch is home to an exciting variety of wildlife, with more than 300 exotic deer as its main attractions and a winery that produces some of Texas’ best wines under the label “The Ranch Wines.” Ross opened Lone Star Wine Cellars in 2003 to share “The Ranch Wines” with his friends and neighbors in historic downtown McKinney. Today, Lone Star Wineries creates a friendly environment where guests feel welcome and create memories through lasting friendships. In 2019, Ross took his son-in-law Jon Dunphy back to the basics of winemaking and helped Jon make the first batch, the 2019 Merlot. What was just another night at the ranch for them started the next generation of family wine growers. This may be news to some, but Texas has a wine industry that is growing every year. Don’t forget to check out this place in McKinney too.

In fact, viticulture dates back to the first years of Spanish settlement in the 17th century. And there’s no better introduction to Texas wine than this East Virginia Street establishment. You can come taste in this humble, family owned wine bar and compare Texas wines with the best known international wines. There are catering restaurants nearby and feel free to bring your own food, and on weekends you can listen to great music at Lone Star. Try the value, experience the personalization and enjoy the flexibility to exchange wine, take away or have it delivered directly to you! A Star Wine Club subscription is perfect for the explorer who wants to appreciate a wide range of high quality, locally produced varietals. If you are in need of home construction, click here.

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